Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cafe and...so much more

cafe and_5

Living in East London is a real privilege, as you are right in the middle of abundant creativity and wonderful inventivness. Every time you go out you'll see something exciting and new- either a wall painting, shop, cafe or a pop-up gallery. 

My favorite place, although it's now already more than a year old is a cafe and design store, that suddenly appeared on Redchurch Street. It's called Cafeand.

cafe and_6

You may walk past it easily as it has no large signs or anything that obvious. Although if you are curious enough, stop and peep through the window, you can see interesting and promising things inside.

cafe and_7

Some pictures here are taken in early 2012, some in December 2012.

cafe and_10

 The owner of Cafeand comes from Greece, so there is a a range of products that come from her homeland, like small geometric marble objects and beautiful storage boxes in various materials and colours. 

cafe and_11

The shop also has ever changing selection of other design products that are mostly sustainable or otherwise friendly and ethical.

cafe and_8

cafe and_4

The cafe part of Cafeand is just amazing with delicious and cakes and savory pies. I understandably get quite excited talking about those :-) You can see a selection what's on offer on their tumblr site here.

cafe and_3

london redchurch street in front of cafe and_1

Almost opposite to the Cafeand is one of my favorite pieces of street art in whole East London. I have no idea who made it. Probably some artist who will be famous and showing in major galleries soon.

cafe and_2

cafe and_12

cafe and_9

When planning to visit, please check the opening hours on Cafeand website as they are not open every day of the week. It would be just heart breaking to go there dreaming of all those divine cakes and not be able to get in and eat them. 

Cafeand, 77 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ;
And they Tweet too

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Illustrating Fashion workshops at London gallery Debut Contemporary

anu samarüütel ILLUSTRATING FASHION workshop flyer 
Have you always admired the elegant fashion drawings of David Downton, cute girls sketched by Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz or moody and mysterious ladies painted by Tanya Ling? Work of all of those 3 artists is very well known through the fashion press. Now you can take a closer look at what it takes to illustrate fashion.

West London gallery Debut Contemporary is holding a new series of monthly fashion illustration workshops for anyone who wants to try their hand at drawing fashion or wants to develop their existing skills further.

anu samarüütel_anuworld.co.uk_6

The courses are run by artist and designer Anu Samarüütel, who has graduated from London Central Saint Martins MA Fashion course and has been working as an illustrator and designer for years. Anu is also a participant in the world touring New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition project, along such fashion illustration luminaires as Laura Laine and Lovisa Burfitt.

The workshop will give an overview of inspirational artists working in the field today and take a look at basic principles of fashion illustration and composition. Participants can experment with different techniques and try their hand at the kind of briefs that fashion illustrators tackle in their daily work.

anu samarüütel_anuworld.co.uk_11

Fashion illustration as an artform has seen a comeback lately with several prominent illustration exhibitions during past couple of years in the Design museum, Somerset House, the Fashion Illustration Gallery in Cork Street and this summer in the London College of Fashion gallery.

Fashion illustration somehow manages to capture it’s subject in a way photography cannot, also there’s a special charm about an image drawn by the hand of an artist - most of the top fashion illustrators are practicing their craft on paper, with paint and brushes, not digitally. 

anu samarüütel_anuworld.co.uk_9

To those who are not sure if their drawing skills are high enough to join the workshop,  Anu assures: „ There is such a multitude of styles in fashion illustration now, everything is allowed, starting from imaginative collages to cute cartoonish characters to pixellated figures to  freehand drawing.  Find your own style and have fun with it! Enthusiasm and will are the main ingredients at this workshop.“

anu samarüütel_anuworld.co.uk_8

The first workshop will take place over two evenings:
December 6th and 7th, 2012
18.00 – 20.30pm

Debut Contemporary, 82 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RT, London
The cost of two-part workshop is £60, that includes basic art materials. Also included in the cost is a one on one critique session after the workshop for any participants who wish to take their work further.

To book
please e-mail to Sophia Victoria: sophia@debutcontemporary.com
or call T: 020 7221 1751.
Closing date for bookings is Tuesday, December 4th. 

More info

More about Anu Samarüütel

Illustrating Fashion December 2012 event page on FaceBook

Saturday, October 6, 2012

World as seen through the eyes of the Estonian artists

Anu Samarüütel, By the Thames, 2012, acrylic on paper, 21x29cm
Anu Samarüütel, By the Thames, 2012, acrylic on paper, 21 x 29cm

In summer 2012 a new book came out that focused on Estonian artists who have depicted different cities of the world. “ Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad” or "Global Estonia" is compiled and written by 2 Estonians, Andres Eilart and Aavo Kokk, published by Hea Lugu.

The book contains works throughout 20th and 21 century, bringing together the most famous names in Estonian art and those who are not that well known.

I had an honour to have my artwork included in this book. I painted a small scale cityscape of East London riverside, with boats floating in Thames and modernised warehouses in the background.

Here is a selection of the pages. Every artwork is accompanied by an article about the artist, also giving a context to the artwork.

Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", Anu Samarüütel painting
Anu Samarüütel, By the Thames, 2012 (London, UK)

Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", artwork Märt Laarman
Märt Laarman, Köln, 1923 (Cologne, Germany)

Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", artwork Otto Paju
Otto Paju, Ruins, 1996 (Rakvere, Estonia)

 Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", painting John Smith
John Smith, Marko and Kaido, 2002 (Rapla, Estonia)
John Smith was a collaborative project by Kaido Ole and Marko Mäetamm. That project was shown at 50th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy 

Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", August Künnapu painting
August Künnapu, Õismäe lapsed 2004 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Aavo Kokk book "Pintsliga tõmmatud linnad", Anna Litvinova painting
Anna Litvinova, Talveaed, 2007 ( San Fransisco, USA)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Art and design pop-up shop in Debut Contemporary Gallery London

anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _8
Who happened to walk yesterday, on July the 7th on Westbourne Grove road in West London could see me on the window of DebutContemporary Gallery. I am now officially a Debut Gallery artist and Saturday was my chance to show more of my works. 

anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _11
Setting up...

anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _1
On the right hand side is my little "work station".


anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _2
I displayed 3 large paintings, jewellery and also presented a new project called love anu mini originals, that you can now buy in my etsy shop. I also did some live painting on the window.

anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _5
The first two paintings on the left are mine, both made in 2012, acrylic on paper. Rest of the works are by other Debut Contemporary artists. 

anu samarüütel at debut contemporary gallery london _10
Among the guests was a lovely fashion blogger and model Anni Jürgenson from Style Hurricane blog.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition, Tallinn 2011

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_1I am a bit behind with my blogging, so here’s the story about an event that happened last summer :-D
It’s an international exhibition called New Nordic Fashion Illustration that took place in Tallinn, Estonia, in Rotermanni Gallery, and I exhibited my works there too.

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_2
Anu Samarüütel illustrations 

Setting upNew Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_ Chris Rhythmdoctor  helping_Tallinn 2011
Friends and family members were helping to prepare the gallery and set up the exhibition. Here's Chris aka DJ Rhythm Doctor on top of the box. He also DJ'd on the opening night.
Here's a link to his mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/rhythmdr/

Curator Toomas Volkmann setting up New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_Tallinn 2011
Here's our curator and exhibition designer Toomas Volkmann in action. In real life he is a very successful photographer and a taste maker. 

Setting upNew Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_Tallinn 2011_2
Setting up the exhibition. On the left works by Minni Havas, on the right Marju Tammik's illustrations. 

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_7
On the left illustrations by Kätlin Kaljuvee, on the right works by Anu Samarüütel

New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_Laura Laine_Tallinn 2011
Laura Laine illustrations

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_2

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_3

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_8

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_5

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_4
Works by Anu Samarüütel

Among the artists showing were 2 Finns- Laura Laine and Minni Havas; 2 Swedes Lovisa Burfitt and Cecilia Carlstedt; plus 4 Estonians: Marju Tammik, Anu Samarüütel, Kätlin Kaljuvee and Leana Salvet.

Exhibition was organised and managed by Helen Saluveer and designed and curated by Toomas Volkmann. All the graphic design, posters, visuals etc was created by Tuuli Aule.

Exhibition homepage is http://www.exhibition.ee/

New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition invite_Tallinn 2011
Exhibition invite, designed by Tuuli Aule.

New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition, Tallinn 2011, all illustrators and exhibition organiser Helen Saluveer
And here are all the illustrators.
From left: Lovisa Burfitt, Minni Havas, Laura Laine, Kätlin Kaljuvee, Anu Samaruutel, Marju Tammik, Helen Saluveer & Cecilia Carlsteadt in restaurant Sfäär, after the opening of the New Nordic Fashion Illustration in Tallinn, Estonia, august 2011 

anu samarüütel New Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition_tallinn2011_9