Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing for Inspiration on London's Brick Lane

brick lane1

London Brick Lane is a real goldmine for inspiration! All kinds of international style spies and inspiration scouts are completely aware of that and stroll up and down this street, constantly looking for new sprouting trends. Today I joined them and took some fabulous and inspirational pics. You just have to point the camera on any wall and there it is- new print design or nice colour palette for a collection…

brick lane 2

I spotted some especially interesting street art by Nathan Bowen. He’s work would make great fabric prints. When I got home I quickly Photoshopped together some mock dresses, using his wallpaintings just to prove my point…

I’m working on a collection at the moment, using scribbles, doodles and hand drawings in print patterns, so that’s probably why I was drawn to Nathan’s graffiti.

brick lane dresses

Nathan Bowen's art would make great prints!

brick lane 3

brick lane 10

One more sample of Nathan Bowen's work.

brick lane 6

I also took pictures of one other street artist’s creations. I named her/him Stitch Guerilla. She/he had left oversized cross-stitched motifs around Brick Lane’s grilled windows.

brick lane 9

brick lane 8

brick lane 5


brick lane 12

And some more inspiration...

brick lane 11

And some more..... Thank you Brick Lane!