Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making toiles…jewellery toiles

idea 1

Toile is something you do when designing clothes. It’s a mockup of a design in cheap fabric just to see how the pattern fits.

I often make toiles for my jewellery too. It can be just a small detail to test some technique or sometimes I just arrange stuff on the floor in a certain way and then take a photo. Then I rearrange everything and make another photo. Later I will take a look in a computer to see what I have done and ponder over which design is the best.

Some toiles just lay around for a long time and they never turn into anything. Usually it’s because some vital details are missing or I cannot work out what to do next.

idea 4



To make this one I had to find out how to do macrame. I'm still not very good at it. In fact I'm quite useless! Found some instructions online, will keep on trying. Macrame is actually good fun- honest! Its probably a good thing to do when travelling on an airplane. I used to crochet on airplanes, but the security check confiscated my crochet needles (potential weapons!) on several occasions. Macrame on the other hand can be done without any needles!

Love the contrast of metal tubes with rope. Think I might do something like this in my next collection.

idea 6

idea 3copy

Here’s some of my toiles. Work in progress.

idea 7

And here’s a bit that I did…

tribe 3 ok

…that actually turned into a necklace yesterday.