Friday, July 10, 2009

Prints Charming

prints on on paper on dummy

My digiprint fabrics are slowly but surely getting there. I design them on real life scale on Photoshop, so it’s really trying on my good old laptop. Lots of time to look out of the window while the computer is transforming another layer…

As the fabric I’m printing on is 140 cm wide, I obviously cannot print out the design on my inkjet on full scale ( there are no repeats!). I worked a way around this problem, printing the design out in sections, on A4 paper. Then I glue all the bits together and voila! I can have an idea of the print’s scale. Then I place this piece of paper on a dummy or myself :-) , just to get an idea…

There are already some ready print samples, but I’m not quite pleased about the colour. Think I will go for more strange, chalky pastel colour scheme for the collection, duck eggs and greys probably.

fabric on dummies

These are not dresses! Just bits of sample print fabric thrown on a dummie- to get an idea of the proportion of the print. It will definitely do some huge swirls!