Friday, August 14, 2009

Joining the dots

dot pattern

A few years ago I designed some fabric prints for no other reason but pure fun. I started designing by making some large dots in the Photoshop, then I printed the dots out on paper and cut the paper to strips, then glued the strips back together in no particular order. Finally I scanned this glued up picture back in the computer and played with it some more in the Photoshop.

dot pattern on dummie2

The result was chopped up dot pattern with a handmade feel that I liked a lot. I dug this design up again this June, when I was making some digital prints in London and got a small sample printed on cotton canvas. I must say I was very pleased with the print on fabric.

childhood dress

A Few weeks ago I came to my native Nordic homeland. One day, when rummaging around the attic, I found a suitcase with my childhood clothes. There was also a dress with big white dots.

childhood dress 2

When I looked at it more closely I got a little shock as the pattern was very similar to what I had designed: chopped up strips of dots! I swear I had not seen this baby-dress for a very long time and I did not remember the pattern at all!

Strange things those childhood memories- they stick in the subconscious and then pop up when you do not expect that at all. You may think you have invented something new and fresh or think you have a great taste, but actually it all comes from your childhood. Or does it?...