Friday, August 14, 2009

New faces

new tribe brooches

There are now some new members to the Tribe jewellery family: brooches with funny faces, made from metallic silk and all kinds of metal bits and pieces as eyes, noses and lips.

Someone said they look quite 80s. To me they look cubist with a punk twist. At the moment there is only three, but there are more in process. Hope to put some for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

making the tribe brooches

Tribal brooch making is such a great activity for those moments when you are forced to sit and wait, like being on the airplane or on the train. Or working in a shop and sitting behind the counter and being a bit bored. That’s exactly what I had to do last Saturday, so I took my brooch making implements and bag of hardware with me, spread it all over the counter and managed to do quite a lot of stitching of eyeballs and noses.

Those brooches look really good on gray tweed- I already tested them on my jacket. At least that’s one reason to look forward to September and cooler weather.