Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pressing issues

press buttons 2

Yesterday I went to a wholesale place to buy some press buttons. They have become to play an important part in my jewellery making, I just cannot do without them at the moment. You can create a beautiful “ribbed metal sausage” that just looks SO good in necklace or earrings.

So here I am cycling down the street, completely happy, bag full of newly bought press buttons of all sizes and suddenly there’s an open gate. Quite unusual in that area, so of course I glance in. There’s a lovely old wooden house, flowerbeds and attached to the fence- tens of metal car wheel covers. They look almost exactly like the press buttons I just bought! It’s like a little sign from the Lord of the Press buttons, telling me I did a right thing buying so many of them and using them so much.

Now I just have to turn them into lovely necklaces and hopefully everyone will fall in love with them!

wheel covers 1