Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Research on the beach

Baltic sea

Oh, I love to be on the seaside…and I love to swim in the sea… Only this summer I did not get there quite often enough. That’s why I will dedicate the next chapter to the beach.

Baltic coast 2

Scandinavia and especially Baltics states have great beaches. Very few tourists know that and that’s why those splendid expanses of sand, pine trees, and shallow and tideless sea are left mainly for the locals.

Baltic coast

In the Nordic cities during the summertime you will be lucky to meet a native- they all lie down on some secluded beach, watching swans and taking a dip in the lovely warm and gentle waves.

Empty beach house, Baltic coast

Empty kiosk, Baltic coast

This remote beach by the Baltic sea is one of my favourites, because of its great architectural features, beach kiosks and beach house from the 60s. Sadly no one looks after them now.

Brighton Beach

I have been to some beaches in Britain too, mind you. One has to be a real hero to go swimming there. The sea is ice cold, you can only take a few steps and already you are in deep and furious water, plus the sharks( although toothless basking variety, still scary).

sandy beach

Abandoned mouse on the Baltic beach

I have collected some lovely research from the beaches I have been to. You might argue now that this is not a proper research, as you cannot use it to design something. Well- one can use those images as a research for a fashion shoot location, or a colour scheme or a mood… or something like that.

Brighton beach inspiration

Brighton beach

Brighton beach chairs

Brighton beach chairs 1

I took some nice inspirational pics on Brighton Beach, including some wall paintings and a lonely stack of beach chairs. Later on I developed those chairs into actual print design. It is not quite finished and I have not used it anywhere yet.

beach chairs 1

But at least I have proved you, that one can really gather some good research, while lazying around on the beach.