Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What the students did

This spring I started monthly fashion course- and workshop in my studio.

During the workshop we wander with students into different areas of design development and research and in the end we will put together a small collection. Some students have even managed to design collections containing 15-20 outfits and all this in 15 hours!

tatjana 1small

tatjana 2small

Here are some toiles and rough designs from my student from last week's course, her name is Tatiana Epishina.

britta 2

Britta töö

Here are some toiles and designs from my student Britta Ratas.

Pictures on the right hand side are collages made in Photoshop. They should give a rough idea of the silhouette, proportion and the look. Exact details of the design are still to be worked out.

When I studied in London’s Famous College of Arts and Design, I saw many people around me designing not on paper, but directly on a tailor’s dummy. Some people had bags full of second hand clothes that they cut into pieces and then used them to create something new and interesting and in the end they took a photo of it.

To me it was all new, as in my Native Land nobody worked like that. It was also a solution to my problem- I wanted to create all kinds on interesting shapes and cuts but did not know how. Designing on paper simply drove me nuts and the result was in my opinion boring.

anu toiles college 1

So I kept an eye on my coursemates, learned lots of their tricks and then developed those into my own technique, which I use now most of the time. It includes draping fabric or garments on the dummy and taking lots of pictures during this process. Later I use the photographs to Photoshop together a rough lineup of the collection or just use them as a source of research when sketching down my designs.

IMG_3714 small

First I was very scared of draping on a dummy- what a waste of fabric if it all goes wrong! So I took a small dolly that artist use for drawing and did some tiny toiles. After that I suddenly became vary brave and now I do not need the tiny dolly any more.

3 toiles small

Here’s some experimental toiles from my college days a few years ago. I use this technique now to make completely wearable things.