Monday, September 21, 2009

Discovering Jakob Bengel

a_s_proto deco necklace
a_s_proto necklace

I made a few new necklaces last week. They look a bit 80’s and a bit Art Deco’ish. It’s only by accident, I was just using the details I had near me, honest! Of course I love Art Deco design and jewellery, so it’s not such a big surprise.

I just checked online to see if there’s any original Art Deco jewellery on offer. This is what I discovered.

Jakob Bengel 12
Jakob Bengel jewellery from the 1930s

I found some great pieces by someone- please excuse my ignorance, never heard of him before- called Jakob Bengel on Pics above are from that site.

Jakob Bengel 10

Jakob Bengel jewellery

Found some more fantastic necklaces by Jakob Bengel at Pic above is from that site.

Jakob Bengel 14

Jakob Bengel 16

Jakob Bengel 15

Jakob Bengel necklaces

And then I hit gold and found even more great stuff by Jakob Bengel at

Pics above are from

Oh My God, I Google’d more and found so much of his stuff and so much about him! He is fantastic!!! I’m a fan! Never knew he existed!