Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New one

a_s_proto zip necklace n158

New a_s_proto zip necklace n158

a_s_proto necklace n158_1

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Macrame comeback

Selfridges London window
London Selfridges

This summer I took an interest in macramé- not a terribly deep interest, just thought that I might do some jewellery using this rope-knotting technique. I did some initial small samples and then, because I was busy with other things, I put it aside for a while hoping to return to it soon.

My macrame test

My little macrame test

Topshop London window

London Topshop

Well- now it seems it’s too late! It’s already all over London shop windows!

Last week both Topshop and Selfridges had decorated their windows with rope arrangements.

Rope jewellery, London Topshop

Rope jewellery, London Topshop

Topshop also had some jewellery pieces in its Edit section, by a young designer who used colourful rope. Luckily his/ or hers were completely different from mine.

Macrame instructions

Macrame instructions from 70s

I have noticed- when you have an idea- you must act on it immediately, otherwise other people will get it. As soon as you think of it, it’s out there, in the air, for anyone to grab. It’s so true! One must realize one’s ideas very fast!

Digitaria’s new look

digitaria window 1

Last week I went to visit Digitaria. It’s a great fashion boutique/ gallery on London’s Berwick street, you can read more about it in my earlier postings.

digitaria 6

Digitaria was doing well, it was busy with customers, had a lovely new window display, lots of new designs and a new exhibition downstairs. And you can buy my a_s_proto jewelley there!

digitaria 5

Digitaria London windows

digitaria gallery2

digitaria basement gallery

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mary, mirrors and Museum of Childhood

museum of childhood mirror 4

Mary Katrantzou
Mary Katrantzou Spring 2010, pictures

I love the work of London designer Mary Katrantzou. She uses a lot of fantastic digital prints in her collections and her last 2010 spring collection was not an exception.

When I saw the pictures of it on I knew they reminded me of something.

museum of childhood mirror 1

I had been to London Museum of Childhood in 2005 and taken some pictures of an attraction they have in there- a distortion mirror. All the toys and colourful interior reflect in it in a mad psychedelic way, it just looked so great!

Mary Katrantzou 2

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2010, pictures

Mary’s prints were actually a development of her earlier work- perfume bottles, so I don’t think she had been to the Museum of Childhood for inspiration.

Museum of Childhood London

Museum of Childhood, London

I visited Museum of Childhood again a few days ago. My friend’s colleague Helen Carter, who is a designer and also teaches fashion in University of East London, was opening her exhibition there- a collection of very cool Sindy dolls from the 60’s.

Museum of Chlidhood Sindy dolls


Museum of Childhood is worth checking out, they have got some nice stuff there, lots of good research material!

And its all free!

Museum of Childhood boy's jacket

Museum of Chlidhood girl's dress

Museum of Chlidhood toy ducks

The house itself is fabulous too - it was built in the 19th century for some agricultural exhibition.

When you go, don’t forget to take some nuts for the squirrels who inhabit the park that’s next to the museum.

Monday, October 5, 2009

More “deco”

a_s_proto necklace n154

There are more new members to my “deco” jewellery family, under my own a_s_proto label.

a_s_proto necklace n155

In all of them I have used cheerful colourful plastic, metal press buttons and steel bits and pieces.

a_s_proto necklace n153

This one you have already seen, but why not look at it again, surrounded by its relatives!

a_s_proto necklace n156

You can find them all in Nu Nordik boutique, Tallinn.