Thursday, October 15, 2009

Macrame comeback

Selfridges London window
London Selfridges

This summer I took an interest in macramé- not a terribly deep interest, just thought that I might do some jewellery using this rope-knotting technique. I did some initial small samples and then, because I was busy with other things, I put it aside for a while hoping to return to it soon.

My macrame test

My little macrame test

Topshop London window

London Topshop

Well- now it seems it’s too late! It’s already all over London shop windows!

Last week both Topshop and Selfridges had decorated their windows with rope arrangements.

Rope jewellery, London Topshop

Rope jewellery, London Topshop

Topshop also had some jewellery pieces in its Edit section, by a young designer who used colourful rope. Luckily his/ or hers were completely different from mine.

Macrame instructions

Macrame instructions from 70s

I have noticed- when you have an idea- you must act on it immediately, otherwise other people will get it. As soon as you think of it, it’s out there, in the air, for anyone to grab. It’s so true! One must realize one’s ideas very fast!