Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Gales Gallery, London, Bethnal Green

Gales 10 entrance cafe

Today I was walking past the Bethnal Green railway arches near the underground station when I noticed a sign I had never seen before: “New gallery open” and “Fashion boutique”.

Gales gardens, Bethnal Green London

Of course me and my companions had to go and investigate immediately. I had been down the Gales passage before - with its dark and musty second hand furniture and junk shops- it’s not the most glamorous location for a fashion enterprise.

This way to Gales 10

Gales 10 art gallery

So imagine our surprise and delight when we stepped into Gales number 10, freshly painted, brightly lit, blindingly white spacious gallery.

Gales 10 gallery

At the entrance green fake grass, kitschy glam chairs, tea and cakes waiting to be served. Lovely! The gallery downstairs had an exhibition of colourful pop paintings by John Lee Bird. In the back there was a separate room- a hairdresser’s salon!!! Very reasonable prices by the way!

Gales 10 cakes to be served

Dramatic steps took you from the entrance to upstairs, to a rather large fashion space/ gallery office, under the curved roof of a railway arch. There was a well edited selection of designer wear, absolutely charming in-house Staffordshire bullterrier, modern furniture and quite a luxurious atmosphere. Not in a Prada Boutique kind of expensive and polished way, but in a arty and cool way. Altogether it was a great find that completely lit up my day!

Gales 10 fashion space

10 Gales

Arch 10, Gales Gardens, London E2 0EJ

Near Bethnal Green tube station and Salmon and Ball pub.