Thursday, December 24, 2009

What my students did part 2

Kadi 1

Kadi 2

The collection by Kadi Adrikorn

In November I did another fashion short course and workshop in my studio.

This time I had 4 students- it’s not a lot, but that’s actually the max size of the group. This way I can give each of them lots of time and personal tutoring.

Altogether this year I’ve had 17 fantastic, enthusiastic and talented students attending my studio courses. Plus the ones in the Academy of Arts of my native land, where I teach too.

regina 4

regina 3

regina 1

The collection by Regina Sepp

The course in my studio runs for 5 days, 3 hours a day and the students have to work HARD!

First I give a talk about different ways of doing a research- with lots of pics. Then we get draping and designing with second hand garments on a dummy and taking lots of photos of this process. Then we analyse the pics and decide what goes in their collection and Photoshop it all together- just to get a better idea.

By the end of the course they will have the whole collection lineup ready- in drape and on paper, so all there is to do is to develop the patterns and cut and sew it all.

mirjam 3

mirjam 2

mirjam 1

The collection by Mirjam Kristian

I learned this way of working by observing my co-students, when I was studying in the Famous College of Arts and Design in London and it has completely changed my design process.

In the olden days I used to design by drawing on paper- this was a sure way to frustration- I NEVER got the results I was looking for. Now a whole new world of 3 dimensional design process has opened up for me and it’s so exciting! Hopefully it has helped my students too. Most of them are just high school students, some as young as 16, planning to go and study fashion in their home country or somewhere abroad.

mariann 1

mariann 2

The collection by Mariann Metsis


Thanks for all the models and photographers who’s catwalk/static pics were used by the students during this project. It was all for good reason- education!