Monday, May 3, 2010

Exhibition Extended

My exhibition Freehand in East London gallery 10 Gales, will be open for two extra days.

It is closed on bank holiday Monday, May the 3rd.

It will be open on

Tuesday, May the 4th 12-19

Wednesday, May the 5th 12-about 17.30.

Free admission.!/event.php?eid=110988202269627&ref=mf

anu samaruutel illustration_2

anu samaruutel exhibition_2

anu samaruutel illustration_3

Illustrations by me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plastic Fantastic!

london selfridges window_1

london selfridges window_2

I spotted some great pieces of jewellery on Selfridges’ windows in March. Unfortunately there was no sign who was the designer.

london selfridges window_3

Those voluminous plastic creations reminded me of the jewellery of African Ndebele tribe.

ndebele woman

Ndebele woman in national costume. I found this picture on the net, but somehow lost the address of the page were I got it from. Sorry for the lack of credit.

After spotting those colourful necklaces in Selfridges I kept finding more and more plastic stuff, by different designers.

liana kabel jewellery

On Etsy I found designer Liana Kabel, who makes pieces out of recycled knitting needles and Tupperware mugs.

emiko oye_4

Later I came upon a website called that had a story about a designer Emiko Oye of Reware Style who makes impressive necklaces from Lego pieces, recycled plastic and plexiglass.

emiko oye_2

emiko oye_1

emiko oye_3

Emiko Oye also makes smaller and more wearable pieces that are on sale in her Etsy shop.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

anu samar├╝├╝tel_Freehand in 10 Gales

anu samaruutel exhibition

This Thursday I opened my fashion, print and illustration exhibition in East London, 10 Gales gallery. It will be open until Monday, May the 3rd, 18.00.!/pages/London-United-Kingdom/10-Gales/339218165159

anu samaruutel in 10 gales_3

anu samaruutel in 10 gales

anu samaruutel in 10 gales _2