Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plastic Fantastic!

london selfridges window_1

london selfridges window_2

I spotted some great pieces of jewellery on Selfridges’ windows in March. Unfortunately there was no sign who was the designer.

london selfridges window_3

Those voluminous plastic creations reminded me of the jewellery of African Ndebele tribe.

ndebele woman

Ndebele woman in national costume. I found this picture on the net, but somehow lost the address of the page were I got it from. Sorry for the lack of credit.

After spotting those colourful necklaces in Selfridges I kept finding more and more plastic stuff, by different designers.

liana kabel jewellery

On Etsy I found designer Liana Kabel, who makes pieces out of recycled knitting needles and Tupperware mugs.

emiko oye_4

Later I came upon a website called that had a story about a designer Emiko Oye of Reware Style who makes impressive necklaces from Lego pieces, recycled plastic and plexiglass.

emiko oye_2

emiko oye_1

emiko oye_3

Emiko Oye also makes smaller and more wearable pieces that are on sale in her Etsy shop.