Friday, March 11, 2011

Freehand on a catwalk

anu samarüütel kuldnõel show _3

On the 4th of March I participated in a fashion show with 4 other designers. The show took place in Tallinn/Estonia, Viru Keskus Centre and I sent on stage my Freehand collection.

It’s the same collection I showed in an exhibition last May in London, 10 Gales gallery. The fabrics in that collection were designed by me and printed digitally.

anu samarüütel kuldnõel show_2

anu samarüütel kuldnõel show_1

The jewellery, created especially for the fashion show was inspired by the work of artist Ben Nicholson.

anu samarüütel kuldnõel catwalk _2

anu samarüütel kuldnõel catwalk _1

Onstage pics by Jürgen Joost/ courtesy of Viru Keskus

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