Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cafe and...so much more

cafe and_5

Living in East London is a real privilege, as you are right in the middle of abundant creativity and wonderful inventivness. Every time you go out you'll see something exciting and new- either a wall painting, shop, cafe or a pop-up gallery. 

My favorite place, although it's now already more than a year old is a cafe and design store, that suddenly appeared on Redchurch Street. It's called Cafeand.

cafe and_6

You may walk past it easily as it has no large signs or anything that obvious. Although if you are curious enough, stop and peep through the window, you can see interesting and promising things inside.

cafe and_7

Some pictures here are taken in early 2012, some in December 2012.

cafe and_10

 The owner of Cafeand comes from Greece, so there is a a range of products that come from her homeland, like small geometric marble objects and beautiful storage boxes in various materials and colours. 

cafe and_11

The shop also has ever changing selection of other design products that are mostly sustainable or otherwise friendly and ethical.

cafe and_8

cafe and_4

The cafe part of Cafeand is just amazing with delicious and cakes and savory pies. I understandably get quite excited talking about those :-) You can see a selection what's on offer on their tumblr site here.

cafe and_3

london redchurch street in front of cafe and_1

Almost opposite to the Cafeand is one of my favorite pieces of street art in whole East London. I have no idea who made it. Probably some artist who will be famous and showing in major galleries soon.

cafe and_2

cafe and_12

cafe and_9

When planning to visit, please check the opening hours on Cafeand website as they are not open every day of the week. It would be just heart breaking to go there dreaming of all those divine cakes and not be able to get in and eat them. 

Cafeand, 77 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ;
And they Tweet too